Hill House Horror

Hill House Horror 2022 highlights

Start by watching the pre-amble, released to the players a few weeks before the event. Hill House Horror is a yearly D&D[+] event held by invitation only.

This year’s Hill House Horror event started in the bright, clean, quiet comfort of the Hill’s dining room. The party ended up in the presence of an old feeble man, which ended up being an astral projection of the Lich King himself. He gave the party clues on how to get started, and the party was off on the adventure of horrors.

The Lich King’s directions led to an ancient tree where a set of magic-locked boxed were buried. The tree unknowingly harbored the entrance to the Extorath. As the party solved the first clue from the Lich King, they ended up falling through the portal to the Extorath.

At that point, the surprised party relocated to the garage. The room was completely dark while the players filed in. Then the torchlights burst on, drowning their senses in the horrors of the Extorath, complete with a blast of Megadeth’s Angry Again to set the mood!

At the start of their decent, the party was presented with a series of real-world puzzles in an escape room-type environment. The puzzles gave clue to the journey ahead, complete with an incantation to get them to the final battle with DemiLich  Ne’Zaul.

On their journey, they encountered horrors unlike any they’ve seen before, from flying kites of flesh trying to steal their skin, to an enormous undead orb, with many eyes at the end of stalks, sewn from the skins of long dead wizards…

In the end, the party prevailed and saved Raviaryon from destruction.

Oh, and a lot of good food and drink was had by all… đŸ˜‰

All decorations, electronics, maps, story, and puzzles designed by me.

The Hill House Horror 2022 set says farewell.